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Welcome to DRIFTSATION, the ultimate destination for raw and uncut drift images and videos. Our VHS media filmed and or edited by DK, the Drift King, captures exciting life events and moments in the art of drift. Get ready to explore the roads of drifting in a whole new way, with exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else.


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What does DK stand for?

Just sit back and watch to find out. Good slides bring a peace of mind where only in the streets I can find - DK

grayscale photo of mercedes benz coupe
grayscale photo of mercedes benz coupe
Foreign Sliders

Gather round the used oil inside the tire on fire and light up while you watch some of the most sendful drivers drive cars into walls and down narrow roads like halls.

white coupe
white coupe
FD Features

Get a front-row seat to the Formula Drift Championships and witness the best drivers in the world battle it out. This footage will leave you on the edge of your toilet seat. Experience new footage in our unique style that brings a refreshing new taste to scene of drifting.

Respect Your Elders

This segment is dedicated to those who put their life down while mashing down the throttle until their was no tomorrow. A time to take a step back and reflect on our values and be grateful for what we've had and have.

Go behind the scenes with the Drift Legends and get an inside look at their journey to becoming the best drifters in the world. This rare footage is a must-see for any car enthusiast.

Drift Culture

Welcome to Driftsation.com, where we dive deep into the raw and untamed drift culture that thrives on the edge. Our website is dedicated to unearthing the hidden talent of fearless drivers who navigate the public roads and private mountains with unmatched skill and precision. We go beyond the mainstream, seeking out the untapped reservoirs of drifting brilliance that exist in every corner of the globe.

At Driftsation, we understand that the true essence of drifting lies in the grassroots movement—the rebellious spirit of individuals pushing the limits and defying conventions. Our mission is to gather unseen clips from all over the world, capturing the heart-pounding moments when these drivers unleash their machines and leave a trail of smoke and awe in their wake.

Through our network of passionate contributors and dedicated drift enthusiasts, we strive to showcase the unfiltered and unapologetic talent that is often overlooked by traditional media outlets. We believe that every driver has a story to tell, and it is our privilege to amplify their voices and share their extraordinary journeys with the world.

white car on gray asphalt road
white car on gray asphalt road
Behind the Scenes with Drift Legends


DRIFTSATION is the ultimate destination for raw and unfiltered street-style car and drift images. Our media is captured on VHS and edited by none other than DK, the Drift King himself. Our website is a tribute to the famous people and iconic moments in the drift world. Join us on a journey through the history of this adrenaline-fueled sport!


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